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against power - [unit 1]

Stars, Clouds &
Other Atmospheric Events

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Missile testing's purpose is rarely to actually test missiles. It is geopolitical theater, choreographed propaganda, a show for other nations to project power on the international stage. North Korea is very active at the moment, but all power players broadcast to the world their missile testing.

This unit uses governmental footage of missile tests, extracting the moment where rockets just leave a trace in the sky, like a cloud, a star, or a fleeting light. Taking away the fear it suggests, and instead only leaving a contemplative floating moment.

These images are made to be printed in very large formats, soft bkue skies bluring into digital artifacts.
Serpentem Stratiformis, Iran
Radiatus Lacunosus, USA
Capillatus Arcus, USA
Mediocris Opacus, Russia
Lux Radiatus, Russia
Fractus Undulatus, Russia
Stella Singularis, North Korea
Flocus Opacus, Russia
Lenticularis Lacunosus, USA
Nebulosus Translucidus, Russia