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Against Power

>> WORK IN PROGRESS - more information soon

Against Power can be seen as a "laboratory" project following its own protocol: subversion of power's visual production, be it planned or out of control from its own authors. This project expands into separate but connected units, each its own proof of concept.

The aim is to each time defuse what the image would initially be proof of : circumvent the geopolitical theater of ballistic missile testing by keeping only the trace of a cloud left by the missile, or weaken the fear projection of terrorism by superimposing it to the banality of their own amateur photography, or even invert towards men the photos they take of women, etc. Methodically, proof is turned upon itself: not by emptying image of its power, but by shifting perspectives, invest it with something else to not let these images impose onto us their vision of the world. Against Power creeps into the flaws of images. Through the creation of what could be seen as photographic oxymorons, the project seeks to show us the abnormality of our own perception of power.

Each "unit" of this project can be shown independently. Together, they are akin to a rhizomatic point of view on the visual image production of power; they form a network of interconnected thoughts and point of views on the same subject.

unit 1 _ Stars, Clouds & Other Atmospheric Events unit 2 _ Amateur Photography from Abbottabad unit 3 _ Men Photographing Women unit 4 _ Nuclear Tourist unit 5 _ The Dead Govern the Living unit 6 _ We Can See You