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The Tetris Effect

Project commissioned for the collective exhibition "Money" for Les Nuits Photographiques 2015. The aim was to create an artwork based on a 20€ bill sent by the organizers of the festival.

The European Central Bank launched in February 2015 an online Tetris game to promote the new 20€ bill which will be put into circulation by the end of the year.
The game is a playful way to discover the security measures put into place to protect the new bill. Each finished level reveals a new security measure.

Scientists have observed "The Tetris Effect" on players.
A prolonged exposure to the fame can provoke an alteration in thought patterns and environemental observations.
A player will eventually recognize Tetris shapes in the real world, and will imagine how elements of the world around him can fit together.

The financial and economic market sometimes feel like a worldwide Tetris game, where politicians are the players. They strive to fit together countries, populations and their economies in beautifal charts and graphs.

The problem with Tetris is that in the end, everybody loses.